The Importance of Warming Up!


So often, in the excitement of getting dressed and getting the hair just right and remembering your sheet music and traveling to the performance venue and arriving on time-singers forget the most important thing of all-warming up the voice!   This seems obvious when you think about it, but singers sometimes don't.  They forget that at each voice lesson there is a warm up and that is why their voices are open and full and notes are reached easily.

And don't forget the rest of your instrument-your body!  Check in with yourself and notice how you feel, what kind of energy do you have? Are you feeling nervous?  If low energy, do some big movement-jumping jacks, jog in place or down the block.  Wake yourself up!  If you aren't in surroundings that welcome all that physical activity, then use your breath to help you.  If you are sluggish, use quick panting breaths; if you are hyper, use slow deep breaths and calm you chattering mind.

A bit of focus before you sing will work wonders.  And let's face it-you want the audience to remember your song-not your hair!