Over the years, Bette helped me become a more versatile singer not only in style, but in tone and quality.  I learned a lot about how to interpret a song and make it my own.  I especially appreciated that unlike most voice teachers, she didn’t scoff when I wanted to play with new styles – like R&B riffing!  No matter what the genre, she broke the song down with me and found the correct way to sing it, before adding any frills or melismas.  With Bette’s quick wit and humor, she made sure I never strained when I belted, widened my range, and fostered my fledgling soprano.  We should all have that in a voice teacher and coach: someone who is not only skilled, but who truly cares about their students,WHILE being immensely entertaining!  I’m proud to call her my teacher! (see full testimonial)

-Christina Bianco, Diva Impressionist

I began taking voice lessons from Bette when I was nine-years-old.  Bette coached me through countless musical theatre auditions, directed me in two productions with Antrim Summer Theatre, and guided me through my voice change.  Bette passed along to me her dedication to craft and passion for performance.  For the past sixteen years, I have frequented recording studios across New York City as a professional session singer. My voice has appeared on several national TV and radio commercials, as well as a Billboard #1, RIAA-certified gold record.  Bette remains a wonderful friend and supporter, as well as a great source of advice and encouragement.  Thank you, Bette. (see full testimonial)

-JP Hartmann, professional session singer, Billboard #1 RIAA-certified Gold Record.

Bette Glenn has not only been an incredible mentor, but she has  molded me into the performer and singer that I am today. She taught me everything I know, and I still use her methods to expand my vocal range and use it properly. She gave me the confidence to use my voice freely, and I carry that confidence with me to every audition. Bette is not only knowledgeable about singing and technique but also about "the business" of show business. She influenced me to choose theater as college major and become a professional singer and actress.

-Darilyn Melody, professional performer & Equity Membership Candidate

I began studying with Bette at the age of 12; a shy, slightly awkward, very small girl with a very large voice that I didn’t quite know how to control.  Under her tutelage, I conquered my nerves, earned places in Area All State and All State choruses with my NYSSMA scores and won a Morning Music Club Scholarship.  Now as a professional actress and singer, I credit Bette with providing me with the skills necessary to compete on such a difficult career path, and the confidence to be true to myself in the process.  She always supported me and challenged me in equal measure, and largely helped to shape the performer (and the person!) I am today.

-Sarah Levine McClelland, professional performer, winner Morning Music Club scholarship, All State Chorus

Bette provided my daughter personalized voice training along with specific techniques to control and refine her singing.  After a few lessons, my daughter’s confidence and the quality of her voice improved.  I trusted Bette to mold and shape the raw talent of my teenage daughter and she did a wonderful job! The weekly lessons with Bette were part of our family for many years and prepared her to go onto to college, graduate with a theater degree and pursue her career.  Bette’s coaching provided a solid foundation upon which my daughter continues to build.  Saving Bette a special seat when Darilyn wins her Tony award!

-Jocelyn Santana, PhD and Mother of a student.

I wouldn't be where I am now without Bette. Going to her voice lessons every week was one of the best decisions of my career.  I learned not only vocal techniques, but how to be an honest performer.  Bette is the one to go to.

-Rachel Gomberg, All State Chorus & All State Jazz Chorus, leads in high school & regional musicals, theatre major in college.

Bette is truly a gifted voice teacher.  She helped to nurture me as a young artist right through my college auditions.  I can honestly say, I could not have gotten into competitive college musical theater programs without her.  She helped me find monologues and songs, and gave me the tools to execute them. More importantly, training with her allowed me to make a smooth transition into the collegiate and professional worlds. Working with her invaluably helped me to grow as a singer and person!   And, I just love her!!

-Stephanie Martignetti
Musical Theatre performer including 
Broadway's Nice Work If You Can Get It.

I started going to Bette when I was 8 yrs old.  And she really helped me strengthen and get great control of my voice. I also got to perform every single month which helped a lot.  Throughout the years I always go back to Bette to get help when I need it.

-Gia Farrell, recording artist with hit single "Hit Me Up" while signed with Atlantic Records.

Bette is a warm and energetic woman, totally at home with singers of all ages.  When I left Rockland County to take my position on the faculty of Penn State University, I felt fortunate to have Bette there to accept many of the local students from my studio.  I was totally confident in sending them to her; her teaching manner is spirited and creative, compassionate and sensitive. She is deeply curious about current teaching methods and new ways of addressing vocal issues.  I can wholeheartedly endorse her as a voice teacher. (see full testimonial)

-Mary Saunders, Head of Musical Theatre Voice at Penn State University

I have watched lesson by lesson as my daughter has blossomed under Bette’s coaching. From timid and raw to sassy and polished over the past 4 years. So inspired, I spent one summer taking my own lessons with Bette and am more confident in my own voice as well. (Some day I may even sing in public….)
Thanks, Bette, for understanding  people as much as you understand their talents!

-Beth Kaplan, Mother of a student

Thank you so much for a wonderful 6 years of vocal lessons.  You not only let me sing the songs I’ve always wanted to try, but you helped me prepare for my big dreams:  a lead in my senior musical and a spot in an All State chorus.  My love of music and the memories from these past years will be with me forever.  Thank you.  You changed my life.

-Jessica Sofen, Student - Suffern High School

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me for all these years. You have not only helped me grow as a singer but as a person too.

-Siobhan Monaghan., Student -Tappan Zee High School

A few weeks ago I participated in a Greek concert with a folk band and I was asked to sing both the American National Anthem and the Greek Anthem at the Miss Greek Independence Day Pageant.  It was yesterday and I put my heart and soul into it and I have never felt so accomplished.  The fact that I was asked to sing was an honor, but knowing who taught me so well and has guided me throughout everything is even more of an honor.  I just wanted to thank you for everything you have taught me. You are one of the most influential people in my life.

-Stavroula Traitse., Student - Tappan Zee High School