Middle School Madness!

A new musical
Book by Bette Glenn. Music and lyrics by Matt Corriel

Your young actors will love this show.
It's about them! 
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So far, Middle School Madness has been produced in 15 U.S. States and Canada!

Cast: extremely flexible depending on the combination of songs, scenes and monologues presented. 24 to approximately 100 actors possible with roles for up to 10m., 50w., and 40 either gender.

Middle School Madness opens with an exuberant student bursting onto the stage, laptop in hand, waving a letter and proudly announcing that he/she has won the "Virtual Reality Tour of Your School" contest on METUBE. The student offers to share the "tour" with the audience, sits on the edge of the stage and opens the laptop. From there on, you choose à la carte from the 14 songs, four monologues and 17 scenes to create the show you want, depending on the number of boys and girls you have, the ages of your cast and the subjects you choose to explore. Lights come up on the opening number revealing the excitement and anxiety of the first day of a new year in middle school followed by scenes, songs and monologues celebrating the middle school experience — trying to be friends with two warring groups, the joys of running winter track, bullies, jealousies, friendships, crushes, zany lunch ladies, the assistant principal with eyes in the back of his head and the fantasy of "Rumor Police!" The tour guide character provides the through line, moving the show along from that first exciting entrance to the class photo pose, which ends the show. The possibilities, as well as the fun, are endless, and everyone has a moment to shine! Area staging. Approximate running time: 35 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your selection of material.


Middle School Madness performed by Bette's Antrim Theatre Camp, Wesley Hills, NY.