Puzzle Pieces

I grew up singing.  Whether it was harmonizing with my brother while doing dishes, singing in church or school, at lessons, as a voice major in college, I was always singing.  I went into show business and worked professionally for 20 years.  The people I was surrounded by were generally very talented. I thought people were simply good performers/singers or they weren't.

So I was surprised when I began teaching voice. I learned how much I had taken for granted- how many puzzle pieces have to come together to make what we recognize as a dynamic singer/performer. Of course I have had many of those over my years of teaching, but I have also had students come to me with lovely sound and great pitch but no rhythm.  Great rhythm and tone but weak pitch.  Fabulous sound and musicianship but extremely introverted personalities.  Terrific singing but no concept of acting the song.  Talent in singing and acting but no drive.  Talent and drive but no discipline.  Talent but no confidence.  And on and on.  Fascinating.

Why not take a personal inventory?  What are your strengths and weaknesses as a singer?  How can you build on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses? 

I love teaching voice lessons here in Rockland County.  Maybe I can help you sort out your puzzle pieces.