Christina Bianco, Diva Impressionist says:

I came to Bette Glenn a young and over-enthusiastic, nasal belter. Over the years, Bette helped me become a more versatile singer not only in style, but in tone and quality. I also learned a lot about how to interpret a song and make it my own. These are things that have helped me to sustain a career as a performer.

In our private lessons, Bette taught me how to pick suitable material, very politely steering me away from songs that were greatly inappropriate for my age (specifically, ‘You Can Always Count On Me’ from City of Angels). She did this with her trade mark quick wit & humor, but most importantly, by suggesting wonderful alternatives that complimented my particular taste and ability.
With proper warm ups and routine, she made sure that I never strained when I belted, widened my range and fostered my fledgling soprano. Once I had mastered a song or concept, she encouraged me to keep going and pushed me to work on increasingly difficult material. 
I especially appreciated that unlike most voice teachers, she didn’t scoff when I wanted to play with new styles – like R&B riffing! No matter what the genre, she broke the song down with me and found the correct way to sing it, before adding any frills or melismas.

One more thing about Bette comes to mind. In our group lessons, week after week I watched Bette work with a girl who desperately wanted to sing but had no sense of pitch at all. Ultimately, Bette turned her into a confident singer with a lovely tone – who stayed in tune! That not only takes an incredible understanding of the human voice, but also incredible patience and faith. That’s what we should all have in a voice teacher and coach. Someone who is not only skilled, but who truly cares about their students. WHILE being immensely entertaining! And that’s the Bette Glenn. I’m proud to call her my teacher!