Set your imagination free,

improve your ability to think on your feet,

            stay in the moment,

                        see, hear, sense, and respond!

Improv Basics are all about using set rules and forms that spark your imagination and free up your instinct — for the funniest results.  

No prior experience necessary: everyone finds stores of unexpected creativity and surprises themselves with what they can do.  From the quietest wallflowers to the craziest class clowns (or office clowns), improv is a way to create something you never imagined out of the world you thought you knew. 

After you leave Funny Old Lady’s Improv Basics class, you’ll find that you still see the unpredictable even in everyday settings — and that you’re still laughing.   That’s why improv is great for creative problem solving, adapting to new social circumstances, and thinking outside the box.

For this workshop, Bette draws on the fundamentals of classic improv comedy — honed during her years doing stand-up and improvisation at NYC’s The Improv and LA’s Comedy Store — to lead groups of adults or teens toward discovering their own natural funny bones.